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No more wet towels falling off!

Is a modern twist to on towel. Our Hooded Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel is designed to be gentle while keeping your hair moisturized.


The ultra soft fabric will absorb excess water and product. The adjustable neckline secures the cape from falling during styling.

Created by Zahria Kenya

The TuTee Towel™ was created and designed by my beautiful daughter Zahria Hebert. Since middle school she suffered from depression and low self esteem as a result of the role social media played in reshaping her identity. April of 2019, she began passing out and was later diagnosed with seizures. Zahria graduated with honors a year early, however, her plans to attend college were put on hold. Simple tasks such as walking were a challenge and with little energy to get out of bed, she lost motivation to live.


During the development and testing phase of TameBella™, she realized how uncomfortable it was to sit with a wet towel daily. In many of the hair tutorial videos she noticed the towels never stayed on and needed to be adjusted throughout the videos causing a slight annoyance to the creator and the viewer. The idea of an adjustable hooded towel seemed like a no brainer so she quickly began researching on the internet, thinking there must be something already on the market. Zahria's inspiration and creativity began flowing which gave her motivation for something other than being sick. At the age of 18, she designed several variations of hooded towel to catch the excess water or hair products. Zahria finalized her prototype within five months and completed production before her 19th birthday. The TuTee Towel™ was created to provide a comfortable option after washing or styling your hair. During this process she found self love and peace from creating a product that will bring happiness to others. 


We wish you a happy and healthy hair journey using the The TuTee Towel™. 

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