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The wZAZA™ Wet Detangling Brush is the ultimate brush for kinks and coily 4A - 4C hair textures. Hair that is tightly coiled and with zig zag patterns tends to get tangled very easily. The Tamer Bristles™ were crafted with the strength and will glide gently through each strand to provides endurance.


Who Needs The ZAZA™: If your hair is tightly coiled with a zig zag pattern, experience lack of hair definition, and extreme shrinkage.

Material: Made of polypropylene.

What You'll Get: Two brushes made into one brush. Tamer Duo Rings™ created in two sets of women’s size 9 and 10.

Benefits: Provides amazing scalp massage while removing product build-up. TameBella's™ ergonomic design allows you to hold the brush without putting it down to section hair, add additional product, and do a two strand twist.

Easy to clean: The open vent design will grant the quickest hair and product removal.

ZAZA™ 4A-4C Double-Sided Wet Detangling Brush


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