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The 1st Patented 
Double-Sided "Wet"
Detangling Brush.
for Wavy, Curly, Kinks & Coily Hair Textures!




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2. Tamer Duo Rings™ 

Provides a comfortable non-slip grip specifically designed to give maximum control when hands are wet. There are two rings, set on each brush halve in women’s size 9 and 10. Flip the brush over to find your comfort and finger placement.

1. Flexi Finger Tamers™ 

Finger-like extenders allow your fingers to rest naturally on top of each one to gently flex the Tamer Bristles™ downward and apply additional control

4. Easy Clean-up 

The Flexi Finger Tamers™ and Tamer Bristles™ are designed to cohesively work together. The open vent design allows water to drain from the brush. The off-set of rows makes hair removal and product build up a breeze to clean, while eliminating your fingerstips from being pricked.

3. Tamer Bristles™ 

Are long, rounded at the tip with each row of bristles tightly spaced ensuring each strand passes through evenly for better definition. Each row is double inner faced and sits off set from the bristles on the other brush’s side making each stroke easier than the previous. 


We Have 3 Separate Brushes for Different Hair Textures!

The Philosophy

How many times have you heard the term good vs bad hair?  


Our philosophy is that everyone's hair is beautiful because each strand was created uniquely for you.

 We created an innovative detangling hair brush for Wavy, Curly, Kinks & Coily Hair Textures. Our design features will reduce detangling time and provide amazing results.

Tame the Beauty

within Your Hair with the 

TameBella™ Wet Detangling Brush!