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Meet Our Founder

Hello, my name is Tamela Lewis, CEO, and creator of TameBella® the 1st Patented Double-sided "Wet" Detangling Brush. My story began January 9, 2018, while relaxing on a beach in Roatán, Honduras, I felt mosquito's aggressively biting my legs. The following morning, I was covered with bites that were blistered that appeared to be infected. As the days went by, I began having headaches and shortness of breath. Once I returned to the states, antibiotics were prescribed, however, my blood pressure continued to spike uncontrollably. On February 9th, I had a stroke which left me temporarily paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors determined there was fluid on my brain, and requested a spinal tap that revealed I had spinal meningitis from the mosquito bites. For the next several months, I struggled with health deteriorating daily. Exactly one year later, I was scheduled for neck surgery to repair the damage from the meningitis.


Maybe you’re thinking where is TameBella® in this story? After surgery, I was confined to a neck brace for three months and quickly realized detangling my curly hair would be no easy task. With limited mobility, each brush I attempted to detangle my hair with continued to slip out of my hand. That obstacle inspired me to develop a brush with duo-sided rings to eliminate it from slipping. My first prototype was printed six months later. I sole my home to self-fund production when I told my brush was impossible to manufacture.

TameBella® brushes were created ergonomically with innovated design features and named with love. The LINDY™ was named in honor of my late sister-in-law. The POPPY™ and ZAZA™ were named after my sons, who struggled detangling their curly hair. 


Allow us the opportunity to Tame the Beauty Within Your Hair with TameBella®.

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