Meet Our Founder

Hello my name is Tamela Hebert, CEO and creator of the patent pending TameBella™, the 1st Double-Sided "Wet" Detangling Brush. My story began January 9, 2018, while relaxing on a beach in Roatán, Honduras, I felt sand fleas and mosquitoes  agressively biting my legs. The following morning, they covered with blisters that were later confirmed to be infected. On February 9th, I had a stroke which left me temporarily paralyzed from the neck down. Doctors determined there was fluid on my brain, and requested a spinal tap that revealed I contracted spinal meningitis. For the next several months, I struggled with health issues on a daily basis. Exactly one year later, I was scheduled for neck surgery to repair the damage from the meningitis.


Maybe you’re thinking where is TameBella™ in this story? After surgery, I was required to wear a neck brace for three months and quickly realized detangling my curly hair would be no easy task. With limited mobility, the brush continued to slip out of my hand and was a challenge to pick up. That obstacle inspired me to develop a concept of a no slip brush with duo-sided rings. My first prototype was printed six months later. 

TameBella™ brushes were created ergonomically with innovated design features and named with love. The LINDY™ was named in honor of my late sister in law. The POPPY™ and The ZAZA™ were named after my sons, who struggled detangling their curly hair. 


Allow us the opportunity to Tame the Beauty Within Your Hair with TameBella™.